" Money has been a terrible strain - to the point of no food in the pantry for the first time in my life. Absolutely nothing for the holidays. I was so busy trying to find work and scramble for money, I failed to do what I know God told me to do - missions. When I finally put down the struggle for work and to tell the Lord, OK - I'm going to do this no matter how big the hardship, the money showed up within minutes from an unexpected place. Never saw it coming! It is hard to step on that raging water and trust that we can walk. Peter was frantic and afraid. I get it. But, God is a big God and WILL provide. He is amazing to provide, if we would only trust and let Him be as big as He is.

Anonymous Single Mom

‚ÄúSince I have been at House of David, the Lord has opened doors for me to get a new car and I was able to pay my rent months in advance". Anonymous, Female

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After closing our case with the IRS and denying all appeals to investigage my case, the Lord moved them to not only re-open the case but we got a refund from them. All glory to God.

                                  - Anonymous, Husband and Wife 

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As I was looking back over a list of my dreams and desires of my heart that I did when I was 18, the Lord showed me how He had done them all. Every detail, He had done. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous Female